NBN is responsible for developing, publishing and disseminating standards in Belgium. Our project together entailed a digital design exercise and a clear goal: to consolidate the website, e-commerce platform, and SaaS environment into a unified platform. This involved considering strategy, UX, user research, and technological requirements. Once all the factors were mapped out and construction of this new platform could start, the question arose: how can we effectively communicate this update to the public?

Subsequently, we assessed NBN’s branding, which resulted in a comprehensive rebranding. Throughout the project, we faced the challenge of completing all the different phases and ensuring a successful and harmonious convergence of all components, a feat that was successfully accomplished. The outcome is a revitalized NBN with a user-friendly platform that closely aligns with its target audiences. We ultimately helped with an online go-to-market strategy to launch the revamped brand and provided continuous support throughout the whole journey.

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