Fast forward your brand with
creative automation

Discover how our BrandTech and Creative Automation expertise can help you better manage your brand and speed up your design processes.

The expertise and the tools to better manage your brand

The branding business has recently been flooded with digital tools to help manage your brand and its experience and rationalize graphic production.

KAN has always been a forerunner in this arena and can help you choose, develop or connect the right tools tailored to your organization’s specific needs.

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Custom Solutions that help you automate design & production

Besides helping with core brand management, we also create custom solutions for specific business cases.

We have extensive experience in the field of packaging automation, signage programs, product catalog management systems, automated 3D renderings for packshot production, etc...

A member of the Brandtech team

Power up your output with Smart Templates

KAN is official Technology Partner of CHILI Publish, the #1 in creative automation.

We have a deep knowledge of their Smart Template technology, and have helped companies around the globe scale their graphic production, eliminate repetitive tasks and keep their output on-brand.

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Digital Brand Platforms to keep everyone on brand

At KAN we have more than two decades of experience in creating digital brand platforms. We are an official Creative Agency Partner of Kadanza, a full SaaS brand management platform for creatives and brand owners.

As experienced brand designers, we know how to engage users, provide guidance and create consistency across the board.

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All brand assets centralized & available

At KAN, we have a long-standing history of designing and managing brands. Through our experience and extensive network, we provide DAM systems with custom integrations tailored to your specific needs. This way, you can easily provide and control access to brand assets for everyone in your organization.

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