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Carbon-neutrality, inclusivity, sustainability, diversity; they’re no longer just buzzwords, but generally accepted ideals that most of us are striving for. Yet too often, they remain idle promises and good resolutions.

We decided to approach these goals in a methodical and concrete manner. A taskforce was created within KAN with the sole ambition of identifying areas for improvement and formulating goals and actions to tackle these challenges.

We commit 1% of our billable hours towards truly becoming a socially and environmentally sustainable business.

Kan woods Nepal

KAN Woods

The first initiative taken by our CSR taskforce was KAN Woods.

Reforestation is integral to the efforts in fighting global climate change. Every year, close to 15 billion trees are felled for fuel, lumber or to make way for urban development and (industrial) farming. We’ve partnered with Tree-Nation to help combat deforestation and provide local jobs in vulnerable communities.

For every €200 in revenue, we plant a tree.

Keep an eye on this page to follow our future initiatives
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