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Label Sportbedrijf

Jef Waes

The 'Sportbedrijf' Label is an initiative by Sport Vlaanderen that rewards companies that encourage their employees to engage more in sports. We are, of course, very proud to receive this prestigious label. It is an acknowledgement of the many initiatives that our colleagues have launched over the years.

Co-workers on the slopes of Maria Alm, Austria.

Practice what you preach

To qualify for the label, you must meet several criteria. Fortunately, after some research, we found that we already meet many of these requirements. For instance, we already have sports ambassadors among our colleagues, and KAN has been organizing various sports activities.

This year, we have managed to expand our team of ambassadors even further. Today, sports such as running, swimming, dancing, and even wall climbing are being promoted by our colleagues.

A glimpse of our initiatives

As mentioned, we were already on the right track. Our colleagues participate in the 1000km for KOTK, a cycling race where your registration fee helps in the fight against cancer. One of our quarterly events includes a sports activity. Last year, for example, we were introduced to the world of wakeboarding. The Play2Score Games are also an annual event, featuring a competition among various companies with korfball as the main event.

Thomas peaking through the bushes after wakeboarding.

In addition, a KAN challenge is planned each month, one of which is the sports challenge: to burn as many calories as possible with all colleagues combined. Finally, as a team-building activity, we go skiing in the mountains every year, and during our KAN weekend, there is always enthusiastic hiking.

Plans for the future

Although we are proud of our current achievements, we are also looking at areas where we can improve. There are still some criteria we can focus on more, and are considering doing so. It could be interesting to formally establish our current activities in an actual sports policy. We certainly do not intend to stop moving forward.


Jef Waes
Brand strategist
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