Cycling 1000 km for charity

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Cycling 1000 km for charity

Tunke Lauriks

We experienced a true cycling frenzy at the office last year, so many of our co-workers were really eager to take on this challenge. In order to participate in this unique cycling event, our team joined forces to raise the registration fee of €5,500 and did so successfully. Together with all the other participants, we raised €5,912,516 this year: a staggering amount that will go to much-needed cancer research.

Nothing ventured…

Immediately the question arose: how do you raise that amount of money? Fortunately, there was great determination, and the ideas came quickly. We organized an after-work event, a cycling-themed quiz, and a lucrative bake sale, led by our colleague/hobby cook. In addition, we were generously sponsored by clients, partners, friends and family. Together, we raised an impressive €9,460.35, which makes us extremely proud.

… nothing sprained

The hard work was certainly rewarded: on May 18th, our first colleagues could take off. Over the course of four days, our Kanjers took turns riding a route in the morning and afternoon, accounting for 1000 km in total. Upon arrival in Mechelen, they could always count on a warm welcome from supporters who provided the necessary care, emotional support, and essential hydration.

We are grateful

None of this would have been possible without the amazing help and support we received. We would like to take a moment to highlight a few key players in this story. First of all, thank you to Storm, Erve, and Websters, for your generous contribution. It was with pride that we traversed the country with your logos on our jerseys. Next, we would like to express our gratitude to everyone who made a donation or participated in one of our events. With your support, we had a strong tailwind throughout the journey and together, undoubtedly, we have made significant strides in the fight against cancer.


Tunke Lauriks
Design manager
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