Get more out
of your brand.

KAN is a branding and design agency with more than thirty years of experience. We develop brands, products and experiences that fit your strategy and stand the test of time. And we deliver smart tools for digital brand transformation.
In short: everything to get more out of your brand.

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More value.

Your brand is a precious and extremely valuable asset: it reflects what your organisation, your products and your services stand for. It embodies meaning.
Whether you're a start-up, scale-up or grown-up: we can help you take care of your brand - covering strategy, design, right through to implementation.

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More experience.

Your brand is more than your logo alone. It is a collection of thoughts and feelings people experience with it. This leads to lots of opportunities to reach out and connect. We help you build positive, lasting experiences. In a co-creative way, using an integrated approach. Because every single touchpoint should breathe your brand.

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More efficiency.

Building a brand is huge fun, keeping it in good shape is hard work. That is why KAN has built Kadanza: a powerful cloud platform to manage your brand and its assets in a consistent way. A central spot to store and distribute images and video, or create print, digital, packaging, packshots, signage and more.

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More interaction.

Digital branding is about designing and managing a coherent inbound and outbound strategy to connect and engage with your audiences. Our UX experts and digital partners help balance performance, user experience and branding of your digital channels. Always in the context of your other touchpoints. Always measurable.

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More innovation.

Brands should innovate to survive. A fuzzy and sometimes messy territory. As founding partner of HYBRIO, we can bring more than 100 experts to the table to help you with your innovation ventures: product, service and systemic designers, software developers, hardware engineers and prototyping & production experts.

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