Cycling 2,000 km for charity

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Cycling 2,000 km for charity

Tunke Lauriks

After our successful first edition last year, we were eager to participate again this year. The cycling bug has certainly not left us; in fact, it has only grown stronger. The Kanjers welcomed many new cyclists. Colleagues who seldomly or never rode a bike suddenly became unstoppable. Our peloton expanded to a fourteen-member team, allowing us to start with two teams this year. Double the fun compared to last year!

The More, The Merrier

And double the impact

To allow everyone to participate, we had to raise €11,000; twice the entry fee of €5,500. Quite a challenge, although fortunately, we already had some experience. Some of our previous fundraising activities were so successful that we could apply our winning formula again this year. For example, we once again organized our quiz, De Ronde, where 20 teams could test their knowledge and ingenuity during classic and more interactive quiz rounds. The highly appreciated bake sale was also back on the agenda. A whopping 6,591 cookies were made, all personally by our colleague/hobby chef Sofie.

A tailwind

Our sponsors, Panenka, KBC Insurance Slabbaerts & co, De Wielredders, Kadanza, Kerosin, BBSC Architects, proudly displayed on our jerseys, provided us with a significant tailwind through their generous contributions. Our families, friends, and WATT neighbors also helped us reach and exceed the finish line with their donations. Additionally, our founder, Hans, was so inspired by our participation last year that he independently sailed 1000 nautical miles for Kom op tegen Kanker. For every mile he sailed, he donated a euro to our participation this year. We are incredibly grateful to everyone for their support.

1000 times 2

Thanks to all this support, our fourteen Kanjers were able to start on May 9th. The highlight was finally here: 1000 km of cycling. Actually, 2000 km, since we participated with two teams. Each morning and afternoon over a span of 4 days, a team member went on a ride. This was what everyone had been working towards for the past few months. The massive effort of all those cyclists together, the beautiful ride, and the contribution to a good cause make this a very special experience. Yet another great edition!

The end result

This year, with the help of our supporters and our efforts, we raised the amazing sum of €13,266. Together with all the other teams participating in the 1000km for Kom op tegen Kanker, we raised a record amount of €6,925,500. These funds essential cancer research in the hope of eradicating the terrible disease soon. It was a true honor to contribute to this cause, something we are eager to do again next year.


Tunke Lauriks
Design manager
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