Despite challenges, people will always seek the freedom of the sea's vast horizon and the thrill of sailing.

With DAYDREAM, experience the sea's freedom affordably and stylishly. This versatile boat lets you choose between sailing or motor boating, sleep and cook onboard, navigate shallow waters with a glass of champagne, and trailer it to new destinations. All this based on a sustainable way of construcion and self production.

Where classic meets modern

A combination of the aesthetics of the past with the technology of the present. Allowing a quiet and pleasant navigation.

Comfortably combining all necessities and amenities in a single place.

Offering a thoughtfully designed space for every feature.

Technical sheet


6.5   (m)
21.3 (ft)


20-40 L


Pod 6.0 EVO
6 kW

Max Beam

2.5 (m)
8.2 (ft)




Chemical WC
Kitchen with sink

Various decks and antifouling finishes available

Various interiors finishes available

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Jefke Van Den Broeck - BVBA Van Den Broeck

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