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Welcome to our 2023 Rewind. It was a year packed with incredible moments: from inspiring projects to teambuildings, 2023 was a rollercoaster of triumphs, challenges, and innovations. Get ready to dive into the stories that made 2023 unforgettable!

How about work?

Explore some of our projects and get a glimpse into our work achieved, challenges overcome, and innovative solutions delivered.

Helping visualize a climate-neutral society

Storm is a green wind-farm developer. Here, they accelerate the shift to a carbon-neutral society by constructing and managing onshore wind farms cost-effectively. With over fifty wind turbines, powering around 120,000 households, they are committed to this mission.

We help Storm engage with their stakeholders so they have all the support they need to work on a climate-neutral environment. Our relationship goes back several years and we've done some very cool things for them during this time.

This year, we created employer branding videos, illustrations, brochures, presentations, even a Christmas card, and lots more besides. We deliver items to give Storm co-workers all the tools they need to win the confidence of the different stakeholders.


The bpostgroup
brand portal

The bpostgroup is the Belgian company containing bpost, responsible for the delivery of national and international mail. The bpostgroup is one of the largest civilian employers in Belgium.

Over the last couple of years, KAN has built the bpostgroup brand portal, to help the group better manage its core bpost brand, as well as all other brands that are a part of the group. Besides extensive brand guidelines, all brand assets are managed within the bpostgroup brand portal.


A flavorful
personal brand

Chef Tulli has cooked for Jewish families in Antwerp and abroad throughout his career, using ingredients from various cultures in kosher cooking. Next to his appearance in the Play4 series "Shalom Allemaal!", he has also published his own cookbook which shares this rich culinary tale.

Chef Tulli Padwa approached us to build a personal brand reflecting his own joyous and rebellious nature. We focused on highlighting Tulli's special qualities, connecting people within and beyond the Jewish community with his unique take on Jewish cooking.


A full makeover
for the NBN

NBN plays a crucial role in Belgium by leading the development, publication, and distribution of standards. These standards serve as repositories of technical and business knowledge across various industries, catering to a broad audience including businesses, governmental bodies, and other stakeholders.

Embracing these standards empowers organizations to enhance the quality of their services and products while championing sustainability.

We gave the brand a full makeover and developed a strategic go-to-market plan targeting several audiences through multiple online media.

Subsequently, we developed the new website, ensuring its integration with the sales platform. This resulted in a highly intuitive and user-friendly experience for consumers, and an easily manageable system for NBN.


Creating a brilliant branding for GemSet

GemSet is a certification, secure packaging, and digital filing system that makes the gem certification business future-proof.

We created the brand name, brand architecture and vibrant visual identity, inspired by their packaging concept. We brought this identity to life by designing a website and flier, spreading the word to GemSet enthusiasts far and wide!

Proud partner of
School of Branding

School of Branding is a postgraduate program at Artevelde University of Applied Sciences where students dive into the magic of transforming strategy into eye-catching visual designs, and learn to launch their very own brands. Our colleagues had the incredible opportunity to share their expertise, and we were absolutely thrilled by their contributions. Talk about a great experience this year!

Discovering the secrets flowing under the city

De Ruien, a historic canal network beneath Antwerp's streets, was revived as a cultural walk. But its complex website also needed a makeover.

We helped with a brand new identity, website, and leaflet, while maintaining the mystery and intrigue of the tunnel network. We created a clear information architecture to show all the different options for its experience.

Our work earned an Honorable Mention on Awwwards, celebrating top global talent in web development and design. Another fun fact: Since the new website, De Ruien saw an increase of 22% in their website traffic last year.

KAN on air

If you would like to stay updated on the latest trends in branding, design and technology, then keep your eye on our socials and your mailbox. We will shortly launch a series of videocasts on the future of branding and the role of AI has to play in this.

Where you’ll find our work on the globe

From worldwide rebranding programs to a packaging design for a local distillery on the other side of the world, you might be surprised where our work pops up on our planet. Let’s highlight some of these fabulous initiatives.

Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp

The ITM has long been committed to improving health in the South and at home. They do this through innovative research, advanced education, professional medical services and capacity sharing with partner institutions in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

One of their many initiatives is EBO-Boost. With two licensed vaccines against the Ebola virus and recurrent outbreaks in DRC, re-vaccination recommendations became pertinent but are lacking. Therefore, they aim to study whether previously vaccinated individuals can be safely and adequately boosted with homologous or heterologous vaccine schedules.

The Coca-Cola Company

The Coca-Cola Company is an American multinational beverage corporation founded in 1892, best known as the producer of Coca-Cola.

KAN helped the Coca-Cola Company to introduce the concept of smart templates in their design workflows. With smart templates, local partners like vendors and bottlers can design, adapt, localize and produce campaign and POS material faster and more accurately. We specifically provided template development, technical consultancy, and worldwide on-site support.


When Tepaluma, a Chilean-based spirits distillery, created their gin a few years ago, they needed a brand identity.

We shaped the brand of their distillery and the packaging of their first gin to their heritage, the wild nature of Patagonia and the local fauna and flora. This year, Tepaluma wants to bring out a gin that will be a limited edition. They asked us to take care of the packaging once again and we are very delighted to do so!


The PayByPhone app allows you to pay for parking in just a few quick taps. No coins, no hunting for the machine, just an app that means you spend less time running back to your car and more time doing what matters most.

We created the visual style of PayByPhone and designed a website they could use as a template. They wanted the possibility to adapt the website of each country to the market in which they are active.

Discover where you
can find us after hours

Participating in the 1000 km for Kom op Tegen Kanker.
Socializing with our colleagues and residents at the WATT office party.
Enjoying the snow and the mountains during our short ski.
Combining work and pleasure: team meetings and water skiing.
Making memories at our annual KAN Weekend.
Celebrating Christmas and giving self-made presents.

Investing in what
we believe in

At KAN, we believe it's important to give back to society. It’s not all about making profit, but about pitching in to help the environment, supporting communities, and tackling social issues. Here are some of the initiatives we took this year.
We defined
action points
to participate in Voka’s charter: sustainable entrepreneurship,  which helps us improve our Corporate Social Responsibility.
We raised
for the 1000 km for Kom op tegen Kanker. This is a cycling initiative that raises money for cancer research.
We planted
this year. We’ve partnered with Tree-Nation to help combat deforestation and provide local jobs in vulnerable communities.
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