Get more out of your brand.

Discover how strategic design can help fuel your business with a design agency that has thirty+ years of experience under the hood.

Great brands create unique experiences through product, service and how they are delivered.

That’s why we help build and grow your brand through smart strategy that integrates brand, (digital) product and service design.

Wether it's crafting your new brand, designing a single brand touchpoint, or co-creating an entire branded product/service system, we’re happy to help.

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For start-ups and grown-ups

Dive into our work and see how we have helped clients of all kinds develop great brands, products and services. Browse through recent and legacy cases covering our entire services offering: brand strategy and design, brand experience & activation, BrandTech and creative automation, and product/service systems design.

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How strategy drives design

We believe good design requires a solid foundation. Over the years we have developed KANVAS®, our unique toolset of design methodologies that helps clients  develop brands, products and services with a sharp strategy and distinctive personality. Always putting people at the heart of your business.

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Your co-creation studio

In 2017, we moved to the 6th floor of the Watt building, an architectural icon in Antwerp, designed by Leon Stynen. We turned it into a true co-creation studio, where our team members work together with clients and partners in an open and inspiring atmosphere.

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Meet the team

We have a core team of experienced strategists, designers and developers covering the entire range of services you may expect from a strategic design agency. And if required, we can tap into a pool of 100+ design & development specialists through companies we regularly partner up with.

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