Your friendly neighbourhood shop

Rethinking brand identity for all Spar stores that are part of Colruyt Group

October 04, 2015

Your local Spar is a friendly neighbourhood shop where you can go for your daily shopping. But it is also a food retailer with the largest number of stores in the world: nearly 16,000 stores in over 30 countries. In 2003, the Colruyt Group granted the Spar license in Belgium.

It was important for the link between the Spar brand and the Colruyt Group to be visible to the customer so they asked us to create one logo design that incorporated both. The result is an unmistakable connection between the two retail brands and the foundation of a fresh look for all Spar stores. 

The structure of the new design is based on a simple premise: a successful integration of the Colruyt and the Spar logos. The famous Spar logo and the typography remain unaffected. These are key elements of Colruyt Group, and its corporate style, and of the Spar branding, which we established in our research. It was essential to find a solution where the two styles worked together, indicating Spar is part of the Group, yet retaining its own identity.