The complex made clear

Copywriting and illustrations get the job done for IxorTalk

January 29, 2015

IxorTalk is a brand new product from software developers Ixor which allows existing infrastructures to communicate with each other within a smart environment. The company was faced with the challenge of clearly positioning this innovative but rather abstract product in the market. KAN took on this translation exercise and invented a simple communication concept, which helps Ixor to convince potential clients of the power of their product. 



Ixor connects people with devices and software to resolve complicated situations in a simple manner. The company designs new applications ranging from complex back ends to applications for the web and mobile devices, all of which are entirely user friendly. Ixor does this in the context of “the internet of things”. In this day and age, more and more products and people are connected through the Cloud.


The company developed IxorTalk, which allows different existing systems to communicate with one another easily even if they don’t speak the same language. This makes it simple to combine the functions of various products. IxorTalk is, for example, being used by clients to control real-time remote installations in a straightforward, easy way, such as passenger information displays, parking information systems, electrical charging points, bridges and locks, surveillance cameras and even windmills.


Ixor Talk is a product that is not easily explained. It fell to KAN to translate this abstract concept in a clear and concise way for both online and offline applications. What was needed was a striking logo with a clear line that could be used in print work, on promotional items and for an exhibition stand.  

The name IxorTalk was first translated into a simple logo, after which the rest of the communication tools were developed. The copy had a key role to play. KAN chose a clear concept which explains what IxorTalk does in one question. The copy, in conjunction with the almost childishly simple illustrations, creates the context in which the product is used, and makes the link to familiar, everyday situations for which IxorTalk can provide added value.