Straight from the heart

Cromax Image Campaign

April 13, 2017

Three countries, three locations, six Cromax clients, a Jaguar F Type, one design team and a camera crew. Those were the ingredients of the new Cromax image campaign.

Cromax, one of the most productive refinish brands and a long-time client of ours, asked us how they could put the people behind their brand in the picture. People and productivity were the essence of an integrated image campaign that would be rolled out in all European countries where the brand is distributed.

A few brainstorm sessions later our creative and strategic team came up with a solid plan. We were to visit Cromax clients on several locations in Europe, capture their bodyshop and day-to-day business, and interview the bodyshop owners about their experiences with Cromax. We decided on a number of themes, like productivity but also colour and support, for the bodyshop owners to talk about. A range of honest testimonials had the potential to show the brand Cromax and the people behind it like never before.

A pilot video was shot in the Cromax training center in Mechelen Belgium. Training and small repairs were the main focus of the testimonial. The first image movie was a success. Time to plan a road trip and capture the international character of the Cromax brand.  



First stop on the road: Bodyshop Jost in the French Elzas, where a roaring Jaguar F type set the tone as the perfect supporting actor. We crossed borders to Germany where two brothers welcomed us in their family owned bodyshop. This short Eurotrip resulted in two videos. One focusing on the brand’s high standards, the other on the Cromax network of premium bodyshops called Five Star. 



We proudly developed the concept, organized the shoots, and took on the role of art director, overlooking the entire roll out of the image campaign in Europe. The testimonials were the inspiration to many new touchpoints such as pen holders, new year’s wishing cards, and not in the least the image campaign website, where the stories of the bodyshop owners were unfold. 

All across Europe the Cromax network reacted positively and it didn’t take long for bodyshops to apply as a candidate for upcoming image movies.


Auf Wiedersehen!