Storytelling on the shelves

A new logo and packaging concept for Collibri Foundation

June 10, 2015

Collibri Foundation, the name under which the Colruyt Group runs education projects at home and abroad, needed a fresh identity: a new logo and packaging concept with a focus on storytelling. 

Collibri Foundation, an inspiring initiative of the Colruyt Group, supports education projects for young people in difficult situations, in Belgium and in developing countries - the organisation forms a bridge between young people in the North and the South. Three words summarise the mission of the foundation: educate, develop and empower. With a focus on teaching, the foundation has seven projects on the go at home and abroad, which they would like to bring to the attention of their stakeholders and customers.


For the Collibri Foundation, education is the key to personal growth, and they strongly believe that when people grow, society progresses. They wanted to convey this belief and mission to customers and stakeholders. The rebranding of the Colruyt Group was the perfect opportunity to also refresh the brand identity of the Collibri Foundation. Through the creation of a contemporary logo and new packaging, they aimed to appeal to more people and breathe new life into their projects. A fresh logo and packaging concept were designed - with a focus on storytelling.

The new logo was the starting point. As the Collibri Foundation is named after the hummingbird, it was natural for it to remain the symbol of the organisation. The logo was refreshed to fit with the new style of the Colruyt Group and to better represent the idea behind the Collibri Foundation. The logo’s colours were based on the colour of a hummingbird’s feathers; the vibrancy of the rich, variegated blue and green stand for the positive attitude with which the Collibri Foundation faces the future.

That colour story is also central to the new packaging of the Collibri products that are sold by the Colruyt Group retailers. Products with the new, bold Collibri logo will stand out on the shelves. Information about the origin of the product and the Collibri Foundation’s projects are printed on the products, which feature the faces of the people involved with the projects. Information about the Collibri Foundation’s website is also displayed. On the front of the packaging the hummingbird logo is given pride of place and the three values of the foundation – educate, develop, empower - are prominent. These design elements inform customers about the foundation and encourage them to get acquainted with the projects.

The process of reimagining the brand, as communicated through the new packaging, was developed into a PowerPoint presentation that allows members of the foundation to present their projects to stakeholders.


The groundwork for the Collibri Foundation’s new identity has been laid. With an energetic logo and packaging that focuses on the foundation’s projects, the stories of the people the foundation supports have been elevated. We believe the core values of the Collibri Foundation are evident in the new packaging – keep your eyes out for their products!