Simply rebranding

A new corporate identity for Colruyt Group, Belgium's largest retail group

October 19, 2015

The mission of Colruyt Group is straightforward: to create sustainable added value through value-driven craftsmanship in retail. KAN developed a new logo and corporate identity programme that was to give a simple solution to this mission and the values of the group, internally and externally.

The run-up to this project was meticulously prepared by the Colruyt Group corporate marketing team, who undertook a strategic study that resulted in a brand pyramid with a brand promise: simplicity (in retail). From here, KAN Design formulated a number of designs that gave shape to this identity. The result was a new group logo that was introduced in 2013. This major re-brand was also used to refine, to simplify and, where necessary, to refresh the entire brand architecture of the group, for example development of the corporate identity, endorsement of the retail brands, streamlining of the corporate brands, etc.



Through its brand identity, Colruyt Group wants to communicate its common values and principles within the organisation and to its stakeholders. To achieve this in a clear manner, and to support its internal communication department, Premedia, KAN has made available through Kadanza to the relevant stakeholders within the Group the basic elements of the new identity, as well as the brand architecture, the design charter and associated guidelines.

a uniform and modular internal and external signage system that creates a sense of belonging through its design.