Signage from A to Z

The customer journey as a valid design method for Colruyt Group

September 14, 2014

In the context of the new corporate identity for Colruyt Group, KAN Design has designed the new generation concept of internal and external signage: the product design of the hardware, information design, graphic design and online platform from which all this can be managed. 


Colruyt Group unites the retail and non-food activities within the group. The most recognisable of its retail brands today are Colruyt, Spar, Okay, Dreambaby, Dreamland, Bioplanet and Collishop. Under non-food activities, there is Dats24, the unmanned petrol stations, and Symeta, the specialist in printing and document management.


For a retailer, visibility on the streets is crucial and clear on-site signage is very important. And for a Group of diverse retail brands – as is the case in Colruyt Group – the danger of proliferation is lurking. The introduction of a new corporate identity for Colruyt Group was seen as a great opportunity to start work on its fourth generation concept signage.


It had to be a comprehensive, consistent and most importantly durable system. To achieve this, KAN used a customer journey, which is a proven design methodology that clearly maps out all the possible touch-points, messages and user types. This gave the designers a basis to formulate a grounded plan – for both the graphic and product, as well as the spatial organisation.


For the product design, the aim was to offer optimal durability within a constantly evolving business. It was important to also offer maximum modularity and a product design that – regardless of the branding – established a sense of belonging through the various corporate and retail brands.


The final result was a family of related products that can be implemented internally and externally but also used for corporate and retail branding, directions, emergency and safety signage, as well as general identity signage.


To allow Colruyt Group to manage this signage concept, and all the future development of it, KAN designed smart templates within the Kadanza brand management platform, so that Colruyt Group can create foolproof new signage products.