Not just a store

In search for a name and logo that complements a sensible brand experience

September 19, 2016

Juttu is a new concept store launched by Belgian outdoor retailer A.S. Adventure. We had the chance to develop the logo and complement the entire brand experience, both instore and online. An experience that is well-thought-out. 


Juttu is not just a store. The concept store gathers the stories of brands, designers and products, displaying them in an area no less than 700m2. Don’t expect to find racks bursting at the seams and piles of clothes in a magnitude of colours and cuts. Juttu takes you on a journey to discover five lifestyle corners. Fashion, interior design, care products and fine food: all in good taste for him and for her, for indoors and outdoors. Sixtysomething local and international brands all under one roof. And yes, it works.  


Juttu stands for selected high quality. Criteria? The story and attitude behind a brand. The search for original products with a strong tale to tell begins and ends at Juttu. The concept exists because we increasingly advocate conscious shopping. Down with impulse buying, long live purposeful purchasing. This brings us to an explanation of the brand name.  


Juttu (noun)

Origin: Finnish – pronunciation: ‘joe toe’ - meaning: 1. Story or storytelling 2. Anecdote (mostly about an incident, short and often funny) 3. Newspaper article 4. Stuff, business, thing(s) (e.g.: we do all sorts of “things” together) 5. Preference (e.g.: that is really my thing, my desire) 6. Something, ‘an attraction, a crush (e.g.: ‘there’s something going on between those two, they have ‘Juttu’)


Together with the A.S. Adventure team we sought an engaging name to reflect the spirit and purpose of the concept store. The team judged Juttu fit for the task. We shaped the brand name into a logo and gladly designed a matching icon. The designs now shine amidst the clothing racks, on clothes hangers, shopping bags, signs and more besides.