New design to fit new ambitions

A distinguishing brand identity for Colruyt Group Academy

January 20, 2015

Colruyt Group Academy wants to offer its personnel, suppliers and clients the opportunity to attend budget-friendly workshops and courses that could help them overcome everyday challenges. The Academy strives for individuality and growth, and to achieve this it has asked KAN to design a new logo and visual identity.  

inspiration and encounter are the keywords. A new identity was needed to clarify this. It wants to offer a wider range of workshops to a variety of people in different locations. To support this growth, the group thought it important that Colruyt Group Academy should get its own identity based on a strong vision, mission and brand statement and which refers to its parent company, Colruyt Group, while also distinguishing the Academy as subsidiary of the group.

A new logo is the first step towards establishing a new corporate identity and branding guidelines. The retained logo links the letter C of Colruyt Group with the letter A of Academy. Connection is therefore the keyword. The logo symbolises the exchange of ideas, experience and knowledge. The gentle design of the parent brand stays, but the two dominant colours create the independent identity of the Academy. In addition, the typography is more playful and is applied less rationally. Finally, dynamism and movement are suggested in a friendly and accessible manner. 

With its new identity, Colruyt Group Academy can grow efficiently and fulfill its new ambitions.