Managing your documents online

With Doccle you're sure of a seamless user interaction

September 12, 2014

Doccle is a new initiative that originated out of the valuable co-operation between Acerta, CM and Telenet. They developed the idea to build an online platform that serves as a comprehensive archive where every personal invoice or document from utility providers can be managed, payed and archived. In the mean time KBC also supports the project, and partners will only increase. The more partners work with Doccle, the stronger the platform gets. That’s because you can find every invoice or document from those partners which you normally receive in your mail or letter box on Doccle. Ideal for those who always spend hours looking for lost invoices and have trouble assorting the clutter you call paperwork. 


A Doccle user can log in with an account to gain access to a personal platform where all the new documents from providers pop up. These can be opened, read through and payed. Afterwords they are stocked in an archive that is always accessible for the user. 


KAN has been involved in the development of Doccle since the start of the project in 2012. During workshops with the different partners KAN thought of and developed a web app, website and mobile app. During different phases decisions were made in terms of interface, interaction models, all kinds of specifications, flows and so on. The story of Doccle has not ended yet. The platform that lets you manage your documents has the potential to grow and become a giant archive where any kind of paperwork can be managed. On this moment KAN and Doccle are working on the possibility to share documents with other users, adopt documents and manage Sepa mandates.