Five partners, one brand

A strong corporate identity for Awerian, a European network of law firms

September 28, 2014

When Awerian asked KAN to design their visual identity, the challenge was to combine the different cultures of the partners in this network of European law firms into one powerful logo. But it didn’t end there... 

In 2013, five European law firms joined forces under one overarching identity. This network of lawyers was given the name Awerian, which means defense in old English. With offices in the key European markets, Awerian has created a cross-border legal practice where companies active in the EU can turn to for an efficient service with a one-stop, boutique approach.


Kan was asked at the beginning of 2014 to design a corporate identity for this new lawyers’ network. Awerian wanted to position itself in the market with a powerful logo as a starting point to appeal to the European markets through a strong overall identity. It wanted to highlight the benefits of the accumulated legal expertise of their partner law firms that can cross country borders.

Based on a briefing – in which the shared values and vision of the five partners were defined – KAN’s first task was to design a powerful logo for the European network. The concept of rhetorical defense was selected from a series of concept designs. That idea was then translated into a logo in which the quotation mark stands for the core activity of the business: Awerian defends clients with words – a message that is concisely conveyed by the logo.  

The balance between the existing identities of the partner firms and that of the Awerian network was decided by a brand architecture analysis. Currently, the overarching brand Awerian supports the five partners who, for the time being, are retaining their own logo. The colour palette of these logos was however adjusted to match the Awerian logo. This makes it obvious visually that the law firms belong to the same network. In future, it is the intention that Awerian will operate as a single brand under which all five firms will communicate in unison.

KAN also developed a full visual identity with letter templates that meet the demands of any of Awerian’s law firm as well as the legal requirements of each country in which they operate. New business cards and a uniform email signature were created, and, via the user-friendly KADANZA, templates were made available to the partners.


KAN designed a new, responsive website for the launch of Awerian. In time, this one pager, that places the Awerian story in context and re-directs to the different partners, will grow to become a full-fledged website. On top of the design of the new Awerian identity, KAN also gave strategic and communication advice as well as support in the editing of collateral.