Exclusive banking deserves a noticeable identity

A new brand positioning for Bank J. Van Breda & Co.

September 10, 2014

Established as a local savings bank in 1930, Bank J. Van Breda & Co. has evolved into a specialist bank offering financial services exclusively to independent entrepreneurs and the liberal professions. A lucrative niche amongst other retail and investment banks, but one that wasn't reflected by the bank's logo.

A new logo wasn't a priority for the bank. However, a repositioning was deemed essential to make the branch offices more up-to-date, more recognisable and, most importantly, more distinctive compared to regular retail banks. Due to our expertise in signage design, Kandesign was invited for this project. 

Signage proposals were developed based on the bank's previous logo, as well as proposals that took this development a few steps further. Including some that amounted to a redesigned logo. Convinced by what they saw, the bank's board of director authorised the initial signage project to turn into a full graphic identity programme. 

The end result is a sober yet noticeable style, centred around a logo that now also works in french-speaking parts of the country, and suitable for everything from stationery and forms to brochures and online applications. 
The signage project had its culmination in the bank's new headquarters, a newly-restored former goods station along one of Antwerp's quays. Here the new identity proved its versatility by being respectfully integrated into the restored building, while still clearly identifying it as the flagship of the company.