Designing a new brand from scratch

The transformation of a brand strategy into a name, logo and packaging design

Frederik Wollants - hans.kan(at)

April 14, 2016

simplicity. Its personality is somewhat less low-key. Think Syrox, think strong and robust. Syrox refinishers know exactly what they want and how to achieve their goals. They are confident, and rarely intimidated. These refinishers like to work accurately and at speed, and have a no-nonsense attitude. And this is exactly how the new brand was designed to approach things.


After building this foundation our designers could get to work straightaway. The name was turned into a powerful logo and robust visual identity. The chosen typefaces reveal a sturdy and modern brand. A gradient and a no-nonsense color scheme support the story. The brand essence was translated into a simple but strong visual identity. An identity that is immediately recognizable because of its clear personality. The logo symbolizes the skill in refinishing and spray painting a car.

Time to turn things around: a sleek reference to the innovative packaging and the moment a new product is launched. The image video takes you through the strengths of the new brand.  



The outline of this video is the foundation for the design of other touchpoints, like the launch flyer and accompanying envelope. A consistent message is guaranteed across all marketing materials, as well as the cohesion of the designs. All guidelines, but also all brand assets and templates for flyers, banners and more are accessible to the team in the Syrox brand center. Through Kadanza the brand can keep on developing. All employees, but also those distributing and importing the brand can learn more about the brand and the products. Thanks to the smart templates they can personalize their own marketing materials without harming the brand identity. The same can be said about the packaging labels. Designed and developed into a template by us, ready to be adjusted content-wise by the Syrox team whenever necessary. This applies to all types of packaging. The Packshot Manager of Kadanza translates the packaging labels into quality 3D renders of the products, which are used in the design of the new touchpoints, be they digital or printed.