A wind of change in renewable energy

Rebranding Eoly, an energy provider with ambition

February 03, 2016

  • delivering a stable and sustainable supply of electricity, gas and water
  • managing renewable energy in the most efficient way
  • simplicity and transparency in communications and corporate management


The new name is representative of this dynamic identity. Eoly is young at heart, but has ancient origins. With roots in Greek mythology the name is derived from Aeolus, son of Poseidon and keeper of the winds. The god could send the winds in all directions, wherever they were most needed. The analogy with green energy is easy to see.


Simplicity and motion are both characteristics of the logo. And to ensure it can be read and recognized on large windmills the logo is compact and streamlined.

Want to know more about this green initiative from the Colruyt Group? Watch this video: