A web app for elders

Taking care of the Cubigo user experience

August 25, 2014

KAN designed the logo, visual identity, website and interface of Cubigo. It is an online platform that brings care services and elderly people closer together so that they can live at home comfortably for longer. 


Aristoco, a spin-off company of the University of Hasselt, was founded in 2006. It focuses on the development of new technologies and user interfaces for touchscreens. In 2011 it launched Cubigo, an online platform and application that makes digital and local services available to those in need of care so that they can live at home comfortably for longer. The product was rolled out in several countries, including the United States.


Aristoco is the company behind the idea, development and launch of Cubigo. It works with numerous partners to maintain quality and innovation in its offering. The company contacted KAN to rebrand Cubigo’s identity and its online platform. Making the application user-friendly and accessible on all kinds of devices was the secondary goal of this web project.


KAN felt it needed a two-pronged approach. On the one hand, a new logo and corporate identity was created. On the other, KAN put the website under a microscope, designed a simpler interface and created a new interaction model.


A multifaceted rebranding project demands good connections with the existing material, so KAN decided to get the ball rolling with a kickoff workshop. The different applications of the Cubigo platform were researched, as well as the opportunities to give the brand more visibility within these applications.


KAN designed the logo in such a way that it can be used as an icon. It became a website-friendly logo in a flat design. Contemporary blue tones were chosen as a common thread throughout the platform, which gives the whole thing a uniform identity. The apps icons on the interface also got a makeover. Although they are clearly distinguishable from one another, their common style is also recognisable. Cubigo is, after all, a provider of multiple services and this had to be reflected in the design.


The user is central to Cubigo. This is why KAN researched the best ways in which users can navigate the platform; the target audience, who were decided upon during four workshops with Aristoco, being those in need of care, often the elderly. It was important that they be given quick and easy access to personal services. Each application on the platform is called a cube. This can range from an address book to a meal delivery service, or from doctor information to social media. Everyone must be able to use it, even those unfamiliar with the Internet. A simple interface and easy navigation are the keys to success when it comes to Cubigo’s target audience. The profile and needs of the users guided KAN’s design of the website.


With Cubigo, Aristoco has won the IWT Award under the category “projects with a significant contribution to society”.