A simply sustainable website

Brand storytelling for Belgian's largest retail group

June 11, 2015

Sustainability is at the heart of everything the Colruyt Group does - and we were asked to create a website to demonstrate how they do this. The website weíve designed is a user-friendly place where the stories of the Colruyt Groupís many sustainability initiatives can be told. For more info, go to simplysustainable.com


The Colruyt Group is made up of retail and non-food companies started within the last decades. The most well-known retail brands today are Colruyt, Spar, Okay, Dreambaby, Dreamland, Bioplanet and Collishop. Non-food companies include the self-serve petrol stations Dats24, and Symeta, the specialist in printing and document management.These brands all share a commitment to sustainability, the driving ethos of The Colruyt Group.  


Sustainability has been the driving ethos of the Colruyt Group for decades: they have always endeavoured to trade responsibly with people, while preserving the environment. The story of this tradition of sustainability is now published on a unique website, where the Colruyt Groupís employees, customers and other stakeholders can find out more about their initiatives.

The creation of such an extensive website began with a number of exploratory workshops which helped us, together with the Colruyt Groupís corporate marketing team, determine the right approach. The group already had a substantial amount of existing sustainability-related content, which prompted a careful content analysis and an information-architecture exercise, with special attention being given to the interaction model, whether it be on a desktop, tablet or mobile.


By the conclusion of the workshops we had created wireframes from which the structure of the information architecture became evident. We also created copy-briefing sheets for the corporate marketing staff that called for new content to be created.


Once the Colruyt Group provided us with the content, we worked towards the completion of the website. Designers began working on the accompanying infographics and designing the typical cubes. Photography has a prominent place on the homepage so specific photography guidelines were drawn up. A copywriter edited the existing content ensuring that the tone of voice was consistent. Developers and interaction designers focused on the technology and interface Ė at the same time a video animation was developed to introduce the site on social media.



The website is a platform where all of the Colruyt Groupís sustainability stories can be read. New content can be added quickly; to spread news about sustainability and to collect and update all of the groupís initiatives. The design of the website supports the Colruyt Groupís brand: itís an engaging way for customers, stakeholders and employees of the Colruyt Group to easily find out about their work.