A productive brand rollout

Designing and managing a variety of consistent brand touchpoints in less than a year for Cromax

September 04, 2014

Following the rebranding of its parent company Axalta Coating Systems, Cromax, which was previously known as DuPont Refinish, was ready for a new identity followed by a thorough brand rollout. In less than a year, KAN has succeeded in getting Cromax out there in a strong and consistent manner. 


Cromax does scientific research in colour development and retrieval software, develops marketing support solutions and offers training, all to support its network of bodyshops as comprehensively as possible.


Following the global rebranding of DuPont Performance Coatings into Axalta Coating Systems, the former DuPont Refinish was also given a new identity and a new name - Cromax. KAN has been the creative and strategic branding agency of the former DuPont Refinish for over 20 years. The agency knows the brand through and through and this is why KAN was asked to supervise the extensive brand rollout for the whole EMEA region.

The rollout of a brand such as Cromax includes many brand touch points that must be redesigned to ensure the consistency of the brand. Consequently, the first task was to make an inventory of all the DuPont Refinish collateral that was still relevant. Decisions needed to be made on what to keep and what needed re-working. Priorities were established, new tasks were proposed and progress was reviewed during weekly meetings with the Cromaxmarketing communications department.

The brand training presentation, together with the product leaflets, were the first to be updated. Because standards are different between Europe and the US, KAN redesigned the original brand guidelines for the continent where communication in multiple languages must be facilitated. All the visual identity supporting collateral, from web design and stationery, to photo shoots, PowerPoint templates and brand presentations, were designed in accordance with these new guidelines. Special care was taken to ensure that all copy was in keeping with the Cromax tone of voice. This entire new body of work was, and still is, collected in one online Cromax Brand Center that acts as reference for the whole rebranding. In the brand centre, Cromax coworkers, as well as partners of the brand, can quickly and efficiently access the brand assets, edit online templates or even download them to find out more about the Cromax brand and its brand guidelines.

The project has become a collaborative undertaking to which multiple coworkers have contributed. Project managers as well as graphic designers, developers and copywriters have ensured that the new Cromax brand was established across the board.