A pan-european rollout

Running promotional campaigns quickly with the correct images and in the correct format

September 18, 2015

Would you like to do something different with your digital photos? Then smartphoto is the place for you. It makes quality photo books, cards, calendars, wall pieces or nice gifts from your photos. Part of the smartphoto group, smartphoto is one of the most important European players in the digital photo processing sector. Behind it lies a well-oiled sales and marketing machine. The local teams can, thanks to Kadanza, work efficiently with promotional material. They can rapidly create banners and other promotional material for special online promotions.

All the source and promotional material is grouped

With more than four million clients in 14 different countries each year, a brand centre is no luxury. With a decentralised team of marketers and designers, a DAM helps centralise all existing marcom materials. It’s the go-to place for each co-worker to access logos, photos, videos and more to provide online and offline communication. 

They can single-handedly adjust banners

The graphic design department of smartphoto is responsible for the creation of all the designs that are used online and offline for promotional campaigns. Banners announcing promotions are regularly created. This runs very smoothly thanks to the Layout Manager, where the templates for banners in a number of formats can be found. They can easily be adapted by the online marketers depending on the promotion. Whether it’s Valentine’s day, Christmas or Easter, in one go there are banners for each occasion.