A heart for cards

The Cartamundi logo, a corporate symbol for world-wide use

August 17, 2014

Being the world's largest manufacturer of playing cards and card games, Cartamundi produces cards under its own brands, as licensed products and as OEM components for other manufacturers' games. The excellent standards of production and quality ensure that Cartamundi cards are extensively used in casinos, as well as providing an attractive source of entertainment for the general public.

In view of the company's ongoing acquisitions, Cartamundi wanted to harmonise and integrate its growing family of brands. Kandesign was therefore commissioned to design a global brand and develop an associated identity. Next to the more classic aspects of a corporate identity, the project called for a streamlined integration of the branding and packaging for Cartamundi's vast range of products. 

The solution was found in a corporate symbol for world-wide use, which normally includes the Cartamundi name. However, in cases where a local subsidiary's name enjoys a strong awareness and reputation, this name will be carried instead as an endorsed identity (ASS_Altenburger in Germany f.ex.). Consisting of a combined ace of spades and ace of hearts, the corporate symbol is widely recognisable, appropriate for the largest player on the market. It also provides the visual reference for the corporate slogan "A Heart For Cards", which likewise can be translated and understood worldwide.


Together with the new logo, the identity architecture has been developed for a wide range of applications:
- Universal identification seal for packaging of own-brand and licensed products
- Stationery, printed matter and publications
- Corporate and product brochures
- Ready-to-use Office application templates
- Signage at Cartamundi GHQ in Turnhout, Belgium
  (to be extended to subsidiary locations)

All made available in an online design manual including country-specific guidelines.