A fresh start

Branding a product as old as time

August 19, 2014

The European Milk Forum, a joint effort by seven European countries, aims to generate a dialogue around dairy products and their nutritional value. This is why KAN gave the Milk, Nutritious by Nature campaign a new logo and a fresh visual identity. KAN also designed a website and supporting platform to implement the new visual identity in the different countries.  

The European Milk Forum (EMF) is a collaboration between eight European milk and dairy organisations. The Forum plays an important role in the strategic development of information initiatives about milk, and dairy in general, in Europe.


The EMF wants to highlight the natural benefits of milk and dairy products not only to the consumer, but also to different stakeholders, including dieticians, doctors and scientists of all kinds. These stakeholders are convinced of the nutritional goodness of milk and are in the position to advise the consumer to integrate dairy into their daily diet. To accomplish this, the EMF wrote a brief for the development of a campaign. KANs proposal went one step further than the briefing, and it became EMFs strategic partner for the rollout of the campaign.


Initially, EMF asked for a campaign logo and accompanying website. There was also a need for collateral, such as brochures, newsletter and posters. Everything was focused on the stakeholders so they could convey the message to the consumer. To bring into focus that milk is naturally good for your health was the approach that was chosen.


KAN designed a new logo and corporate identity for the campaign. To highlight the natural nutritional value of milk, a recognisable, almost iconic, logo was chosen. It has a friendly yet intellectual feel in order to reach both the stakeholders and the consumer. The visual language of the campaign communicates directly over the product and its advantages. The link with the tag line Nutritious by Nature is also preserved across the board, and the logo has the potential to be used as an icon through interactive media. Ultimately, it can stand as a true brand ambassador.

KAN offered to manage the campaign and launched, via Kadanza, a central working tool and a cloud repository for all the content. From Kadanza, EMF can manage the campaign on social media as well as publish in print, on the web and by mobile. By creating online communication material and managing the social media channels as well as the website, EMF can ensure that the campaign reaches all the brand touch points. Each participating country also has easy access to the platform and can add its own content as well.


The EMF regularly organises conferences where healthcare professionals are invited to listen to lectures and to discuss the nutritional value of dairy. KAN designed various communication tools for these conferences, including invitations, delegate folders and video interviews.