A flock of geese, a powerful symbol

Translating brand values for Retail Partners Colruyt Group

October 11, 2015

Retail Partners Colruyt Group is the new name of Spar Retail. This was reason enough to provide the renewed brand with a new, contemporary and bright identity that reflects the values of Retail Partners in both form and content. 


Retail Partners Colruyt Group combines all the activities of Colruyt Group that have to do with independent retailers. The network is about 410 strong; roughly 50% are Spar shops and the remainder are Alvo shops, independent Mini Markets and stand-alone clients. The retailers can rely on the network for, among other things, advice, training, technical and financial support.


Spar Retail was founded in 2003, and in 2014 the concept was renamed Retail Partners Colruyt Group. The name Retail Partners highlights the company’s intention to be a partner to its independent retailers. Colruyt Group believes in this cooperation and supports its retail partners. With a new name comes a new identity. The search could begin for a good metaphor to represent the driving force that is Colruyt Group for the independent retailers of Spar, but also Alvo, Mini Markets and future retail partners.


KAN searched for the right thing on which it could base the new visual identity for Retail Partners Colruyt Group. A shape with a distinct, clear symbolism was soon chosen. The three red symbols that form the logo represent geese in formation. Each bird represents a different party: the retail partners, the retailer and the consumer. The flock of geese is a positive and recognisable symbol that stands for many of Retail Partners Colruyt Group’s values: family, co-enterprise, simplicity and growing together in a partnership. Just like a formation of geese, the wholesale business relies on a large flying capacity in which the leader highlights the efforts of the followers and those behind encourage their leader to go forward.


In addition to the logo, KAN further completed the whole visual identity with guidelines for stationery, PowerPoint templates and other support material. Internal and external signage in the new brand style was designed for the head office in Mechelen.


In the meantime, the new identity of Retail Partners Colruyt Group was launched and the new logo now adorns the façade of the new logistics center in Mechelen, by the E19. The rebranding was enthusiastically received, the message was delivered and the brand architecture is strong. Spar, Mini Market, Alvo and other independent retailers are sure to benefit from proper support in the form of Colruyt Group’s retail expertise.