A feeling for heart rhythm

Drum roll for the launch of Overrslag vzw and its fresh identity

October 11, 2017

An arrhythmia can occur in people of all ages. In fact, one in 4 belgians above 40 years of age will be affected by atrial fibrillation. The quicker a diagnosis can be made, the quicker problems can be solved.Overrslag logo

Besides building awareness, Overrslag also provides patients and caretakers with information, training, research and practical support. 

The launch of Overrslag vzw and its fresh identity is planned in early 2018. A typographical and modular logo hinting at heart rhythm and a matching visual identity, translates the brand personality of Overrslag into a brand experience that is consistent across all touchpoints.

To support the launch of the organisation, KAN has created a communication concept with a video featuring a comparison with a drummer missing a beat.

Read all about the organisation, and how to check your own heart rhythm on www.overrslag.be