A brand new look for the new school year

A rebranding puts school group KOGEKA on the map

September 01, 2017

Catholic Education Geel-Kasterlee, KOGEKA for short, groups six Flemish schools to form one close community. These schools all share the same values. In return, KOGEKA offers them support, allowing them to focus on the provision of outstanding education.

The group’s rebranding has been disclosed at the start of the school year 2017-2018 and will make clear to students, parents and teachers exactly what KOGEKA stands for. The new brand identity tells the story of colourful personalities joining together in a single and powerful symbol: the lily. As a metaphor for unity, this symbol is often used in Catholic iconography, and is presented to the public in a modern form.Together they are one, yet each leaf is that little bit different. After all, that is exactly how the individual schools of KOGEKA feel. This was demonstrated by a strategic study preceding the creative work. The brand KOGEKA is well substantiated. Both the brand values and the brand personality were developed for the group and each school separately. The shared values determine KOGEKA’s identity and are captured in the metaphor of a solid pillar. KOGEKA is the schools’ supporting partner. Work in the community lightens the load on the individual, and this is both the strength and the basis of the visual idea in this case.



Both KOGEKA and the school have similar visual identities. Unity lies in the form, while the colours bring nuance. Photography is important to the visual language. It puts the daily school life in perspective. The style is spontaneous. Natural light, depth of field and close-ups contribute to the personal nature of the photography.

The brand architecture follows a similar logic. With KOGEKA as the brand endorsing eight schools, the role of the organisation becomes clear to all stakeholders. In this way, the logo will have the opportunity to become a recognised quality stamp.

The new website will be launched at the start of the school year 2017-2018. From now on, the schools will also be presented as a single community online.