9 retailers, 1 smart customer card

Do you already have the new Xtra card in your wallet or on your smartphone?

March 22, 2017

We worked for almost a year with Colruyt Group and the retailers concerned to prepare this unique service. The project extends the boundaries of branding and digital design. It includes not only the launch of a new brand but also a new user experience, both offline in the form a card and online as an app. Using Xtra, Colruyt Group aims to get to know its customers better, allowing communicaton to become more targeted, but in a way that the customer can control and guide.


Xtra builds on the existing strengths of Extra!: the original brand name is of tremendous value. There are even more benefits with the new Xtra card. The name is as relevant as ever. In visual terms the colors of each retailer come together to form a single friendly assistant, hinting at the X from Xtra.


The Xtra app is founded on plenty of market research, customer journeys and a whole range of concept tests. Thanks to the smart integration of Xtra, customers can manage data across the various retailers and confirm how they wish to be contacted. A simple user experience makes this an easy task.